Spiritual Care Center

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Ron Lawson


Chaplain Ron is the Lead Chaplain for Legacy Hospice and oversees Chaplains in 19 offices and 5 states for his Company. He is on the Board of Chaplains for his Denomination which is their endorsing agency of Military Chaplains.  As a Member of the Board of Chaplains, he is also the Director of Institutional and workplace Chaplains. He is a former Conference Superintendent (Bishop) of a region of five states for his Denomination with oversite of Churches, Pastors and Licensed and Ordained Minister for five states.   His responsibilities included:

  • Overseeing the General Operations of his region

  • Chairman of the Credentialing Committee

  • Oversight of Ministerial Training

He is a past member of the Board of Regents of Southwestern Christian University, from which, he has Earned the BS in Leadership, and a Master’s in Ministry degree from Southwestern Christian University Grad School.

He is Husband to Teresa and Dad to Christy and Deanna Grandfather to Luke, Kaleb, Riley, Aria and Aaron.