Why You Will Never Succeed

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Thousands of people flock to Nashville every year to try to make it big in the music or movie business.  The sad part of this is that out of those thousands of people only a handful will actually create the kind of success and make the type of money they desire.

I have talked with many of the people that come to Nashville hoping to make it big and nearly everyone says that they have wanted this for as long as they can remember.  They studied music, followed some of the greatest musicians and even written music of their own.

So why is it that many of those people will never make it big?  What keeps them from achieving their dreams?  I believe there are several characteristics that those who never make it share:

  • They aren’t willing to do the things that successful people do.  Successful people stay up late, wake up early, make one more phone call and basically they go the extra mile.  It has been said that there is rarely any traffic on the extra mile.
  • A lot of people fear both success and failure.  Fear is such a huge driving force in our lives.  We fear success and failure.  I hear people say sometimes “I am never going to get that contract so why even try?”  Just imagine if Carrie Underwood had said that before going on American Idol.    The truth is, Carrie was in college at the time of try outs for American Idol and she didn’t want to go try out, she didn’t think she was good enough.  It was her college roommates that talked her in to going to try out.  Fear almost kept her from being successful.
  • Some lack faith in what God can do in and through them.   The Bible says in Luke 17:6 “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, the Lord said, you can say to this tree, be uprooted and planted in the sea, and it will obey you.”  We preach all the time that with God all things are possible but when it comes time to live it, we don’t.  Step out in faith, you may just be a little surprised.

The reason so many people come to Nashville but never make it is not because they aren’t good.  We actually have some of the best independent artists in the world that come here.  No, I believe the reason they don’t make it and the reason so many of you reading this won’t ever see your dreams come true is because of the points I listed above.

What are you dreaming of achieving in the future?  What would happen if you took a little bit of effort, a whole lot of faith, mixed that together and drained out the fear?  I believe some unbelievable things could happen in your life.  I can guarantee you one thing though, you fail to put that recipe together and apply it to your life you WILL NOT SUCCEED at achieving your dreams.  Spend some time in prayer today asking God to give you the strength to put your full trust in him.  He is faithful, we must be faithful to him.

Scott D. Speight

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  1. Great post Scott – much truth there and it applies to us all.

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