Throwback To Christianity

September 6, 2013 — 1 Comment



It has been a while since I have written a TOD.  Part of reason is that I have been on the road quite a bit and the other reason is that I have been suffering from a disease that nearly every writer goes through at some point, writers block.

I have noticed that on Facebook on Thursdays there is thing called Throw Back Thursday.  This is where people post a pic from years back.  Some of the pics I find interesting because some have made some significant changes in their looks.

When I see these pics I think about how much we all change over the years.  I sent a friend a text yesterday that was somewhat funny but yet so very true.  It said “remember when it was cool to be a Christian and we actually stood up for ourselves and did not allow a few individuals who got ‘offended’ by what was right try to destroy all that is good?”  What sparked this test was a post on Facebook by a 15 year old talking about how prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance has been taken out of schools and its typically because 1 or 2 individuals don’t like it and the majority let the minority win.  What happened to standing up for what is right?

I believe it’s time that morals and ethics be reinstated in this country!  I believe it’s time that Christians take a stand for what the Bible teaches rather than try to make the minority happy.  In order for this to happen though, it has to start with you and me.

I believe it’s time that we start loving the sinner but hating the sin, giving back to the less fortunate, being grateful for what we have but most importantly I believe it’s time that the Bible be the most read book in your household.  Until this happens, things will only get worse.  We need revival and we need it bad, on an individual, church and a national level.

Are you ready for God to make some changes in your own life and in this country, if so then stop conforming to what the world says we should do and start integrating your Biblical teaching into your life?  In the words of Bob Newhart, “just STOP IT!”

“If you keep My commands you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love.”  John 15:10

Scott D. Speight

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  1. Scott, wonderful TOD! I feel the same way and thought I was the only one. Huh, maybe we are NOT the minority now with our feelings and beliefs, maybe we are just too afraid to be “un-liberal” and therefore foolish or stupid…. I do know, from my life and for those I work with, strong morals and faith seem to be the common theme for the successful people. I do not mean financially successful…… I mean HAPPY-BALANCED-PEACEFUL people. I have no shame in letting people, who have known me my whole life, know I am the happiest I have ever been because of faith~ Kelly

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