Meet Coach Scott Speight.


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Scott is a certified John Maxwell leadership and life coach, Major in the United States Army, Army Reserve Chaplain and holds two Master’s degrees.


Scott knows what it is like to struggle, to do without and to fail in life.  And one thing you can be certain of is that whatever Scott sets his mind to, he achieves it. When he realized his purpose in life was coaching, he truly began to live life to the fullest.  As a leadership and life coach, he shows his clients how to do the same. While coaching, he is quick to pick up on limiting beliefs and excuses that keep leaders from reaching their potential. He turns those into positive challenges that his clients can overcome on the path to success. Scott believes that when you change your mind, you can change your life!
Coach Scott wants to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in your business, ministry and/or family life so you can operate at a higher level.


Why choose Coach Scott?  Scott is known for his moral character as he has the ability to place others needs before his own; he possesses a strong sense of duty, he takes initiative through positive steps to keep his coachee’s moving forward; he is respectful and treats others as he wants to be treated; he is courageous and enables his coachee’s to effectively face fear or adversity.



Types of Coaching Available


One on one coaching is available to those who want to achieve a specific personal or professional goal.  This type of coaching is designed to help you make a change or changes within yourself.  This is done by learning a new skill or capability to achieve personal objectives


Leadership coaching is a developmental process where a leader receives tailored help from a coach to help them achieve a goal and become a more effective leader.   Through the coaching process, the coach will uncover hidden strengths and weaknesses within the leader.  Goals will be created to enable leaders to pinpoint their weaknesses and track their progress.


Pastoral leadership coaching follows the same coaching style as the professional sector, however, the coaching is focused on the stewardship of potential within the pastor in order for the pastor to uncover their ministries potential.